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AR Productions staff and associates comprise a network of seasoned professionals dedicated to making your event not only sucessful, but an unforgettable experience. Our tag line for many of our promotions says, "We Transform Events." We take that boast very seriously and apply it to each and every job we do. From equipment rentals to complex event management, every one of our team members are dedicated to work with you and make your event a success from start to finish. Call us at 1-413-275-8882 and transform your next event!

Labor - Our Engineers are $50/hr, stage hands $12.50. A Lead Engineer is required for intelligent packages and an assistant for additional package additions. Custom design is $50/hr.

Estimated Travel Costs - Prices shown here are for estimation purposes only and are the high end of the national average. Your actual cost will be calculated to current market prices when finalize the purchase of your services and will most likely be lower, depending on date, location and current gas prices. Ask your sales person for the current market prices to obtain current travel rates.

$0.50 per mile up to 60 miles. $1 per mile over 60 miles. $250 per day for lodging on distances over 100 miles. Prices are subject to change by area of lodging, increases caused by the location of the accommodations, or by
holiday or weekend loging pricing. Large events with equipment transportation requiring a cargo vehicle are $3.17 per mile plus $50 per day.

Travel costs include labor. Airfare is an option depending on the requirements of the services pruchased, but, the cost is not always fiscally advantagous for our clients due to the weight and size of our equipment. Rapid response air travel makes sense when the client is hiring labor only or the equipment needed is obtained from a local vendor.

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